A.B.L.E. Membership

A.B.L.E. Membership Eligibility

Membership is opened to all active and retired black and other racial minority peace officers and auxiliary police officers. Members of the community, who support the goals and objectives of A.B.L.E. and want to assist in improving the relationship between the community and the law enforcement profession, may also become members.



  • An active or retired black or racial minority peace officer which would include a: Police Officer, Probation Officer, Parole Officer, Immigration Officer, Court Services Officer, Correctional Officer, Customs Officer, Sheriff’s Officer, Special Constable and By-law Enforcement Officer.



  • An active or retired black or racial minority person currently employed or who has retired from employment in the administration or enforcement of the law. This would include Auxiliary Police Officers and civilian members of law enforcement agencies.



  • An individual who supports the goals and objectives of A.B.L.E. The Executive must approve affiliate members.

You can download the Application in PDF or MS Word format. Applications can be mailed or emailed to membership.able@gmail.com

Download  PDF Version! or  MS Word Version!

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