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We, as an association, celebrate the past, deal with the present, and prepare for the future.


Opened to all active and retired racial minority peace officers and auxiliary police officers.


The A.B.L.E. community is a place where you can connect and expand your network.

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Thank you for attending our 1st Annual Leadership Seminar

                   ABLE thank you for attending seminar


On behalf of the Association we would like to thank those of you for attending our 1st annual seminar.  We hope that you found the seminar enlightening, we believe that our diverse and dynamic set of speakers, provided you with in depth insight as well as actionable and practical tools for the advancement in our roles as leaders.

A Big THANK YOU to the Distinguished Individuals who made our day successful and memorable...your wisdom will always be truly appreciated...!

Your presence help to make the event a great success and your enthusiasm and positive spirts helped made out time together productive and fun. 

We wish you all the best and hope that you continue to be engaged with the association.

Please stay tuned for information regarding the next session in the Leadership series, by visiting ableorg.ca


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               Prison Ministries Day at Apple Creek Seventh-Day Adventist Church

    Prison Ministries Oct 2016 1    Prison Ministries Oct 2016 2


                                National Peace Officers' Memorial Run to Ottawa

Peace Officer Memorial run 2  Peace Officer Memorial run 2016 1


                                   University of Guelph Humber and A.B.L.E. Career Fair

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career fair 4     career fair 6


                                                                          A.B.L.E. Boat Cruise 2016

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         boat cruise 3   boat cruise 5




Keith Merith Retirement      


Superintendent Keith Merith, York Regional Police Service

Keith Merith is a 30 year veteran of the York Regional Police Service who exemplifies what it means to ensure citizens feel safe and secure through excellence in policing. He has formally achieved the rank of Superintendent, presently assigned to Court Services and Information Management. His former assignment was in Corporate Development as the Officer-in-Charge of Professional Development which includes Staff Development and Recruiting. However, his legacy extends beyond title to include building visible and accessible policing units integrated with the community and instrumental in solving and preventing crime.


Keith was previously the President of the Association of Black Law Enforcers (ABLE), focusing on promoting racial harmony and cultural pride within law enforcement and the community. The ABLE organization also puts an emphasis on providing scholarships to black and other racial minority students pursuing post-secondary studies in law enforcement, corrections, criminology and law. Keith is also the co-founder of the Citizenship Initiative Group leading permanent residents to take the next step towards Canadian Citizenship.


 In 2013, Keith was awarded the Queens Diamond Jubilee Medal by Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, for his outstanding contribution to our Canadian community.


The Association of Black Law Enforcers is very proud of Keith and his tremendous accomplishments. He is a positive role model to everyone. 


We wish you all of the best in your retirement, and know that you will continue to serve your community.





Upcoming Events


         Ellimination of Discrimination day YRP 2017


Ontario Internship Program


Herstory in Black

Meet 150 black women who have made a place in Canadian history


black women





Retired black Halifax police officer opens up about racism on the force

Rick Smith was with the force for 30 years and heard white officers use

the n-word daily

CBC News

 black police officer

 Rick Smith was one of four retired black police officers sharing his experiences

at a panel at the Halifax Central Library Sunday













Race Data and Traffic Stops in Ottawa


Ontario Human Rights Commission  Response to the Race Data and Traffic Stops in Ottawa Report


Deputation to the Ottawa Police Services Board on the Traffic Stop Race Data Collection Project

By Chief Commissioner Renu Mandhane

Title: Ontario Human Rights Commission  - Description: Logo


OHRC Submission to the Independent Review of Police Oversight Bodies

OHRC Submission to the Independent Review of Police Oversight Bodies

Title: Ontario Human Rights Commission - Description: Logo



Street Checks and Racial Profiling are serious issues that have been

occuring within policing.  A.B.L.E. has submitted documents

discussing the issues.


Racial Profiling Submission - Ontario Human Rights Commission

Street Check Submission Document


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